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As the wireless industry continues to expand, so does the need for antennas. Thus M.gear entered the WLAN AP/Router industry to tap into the wealth of notebook, GPS, mobile phone, digital TV, etc. In addition to having competitive advantages, the company constantly recruited and cultivated an expert R&D team energized to develop and create patents needed. With this team of expert R&D capabilities, M.gear pushed for innovation as it was believed to be the best motivational tool in receiving a competitive edge. Thus these continuous R&D resources acted as the fuel for the driving force behind business and business development.

Over the past few years, M.gear has not only made progress inside and outside of consumer-used wireless electronics, but also appeared largely in telecommunication-based BTS antenna, telematics antenna, automobile all-in-one antenna, BSD automobile blind spot detection RADAR, and mmWave active antenna.

Following the momentum and ever-changing needs of the wireless industry, new collections of M.gear are brought yearly for refreshing changes. The company promotes top grade service, performance, and a thirst for knowledge. With a top notch R&D team at its core, and a supportive sales team, M.gear will provide for the needs of today and beyond.