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Wha Yu Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1981, is represented by CIS logo M.gear. M.gear was driven by the high demand in the wireless transmission industry, has led the forefront of the RF active and passive devices.

M.gear has two major business territories, one of which is various types of antenna products. We are a professional antenna design house and have production lines for antennas of all kinds of wireless applications, such as wireless networking, vehicle telematics, satellite navigation, base stations of telecommunication operators and etc. We can provide you excellent service, good quality and competitive products with our experienced R&D team and well equipped intelligent factory.

In addition, EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services)also provided. Except OEM turnkey service, we also provide manufacturing services for joint development of products with you. We are also capable to provide you with a flexible production model "small scale diversified production" and "new product rapid mass production" services, combined with team expertise and management services to meet your needs and enhance the value of your products.